Happy, Sad or Angry?

The Great Big Book of Feelings, by Mary HoffmanAt St John’s Wood Library we have regular Chatterbooks sessions, which take place once a week for 6 weeks at a time for children aged 7-13 who want to play literature games, create and draw stories, as well as make friends with other children of a similar mindset.
We also enter competitions.
Such a competition was promoted back in April this year by the Reading Agency in association with the publisher Francis Lincoln. The competition was to design posters related to The Great Big Book of Feelings by Mary Hoffman and illustrated by Ros Asquith. The Reading Agency released three blank poster templates: “What makes me Sad”, “What makes me Happy” and “What makes me Angry” and asked the children for their ideas.
Before getting stuck in with the designing, we started with a few feelings based games to warm up and mused on what it is to be Happy, Sad or Angry. We came up with some group ideas about our emotions, just a few scenarios where you might be Happy, Sad or Angry. When we actually started designing our posters, our group of 8 Chatterbooks Children created at least one poster each, some managed to do all three and even more took blank templates home so they could draw some more!

Everyone who took part really enjoyed themselves and although I thought the children worked very hard on their posters I wasn’t expecting the organisers of a national competition to write back and say we had not just one, but two winners and an honourable mention!

Shakiba's poster    Adam's poster    Mariam's poster
While not a winner, Shakiba’s “Happy” poster was highly praised by both the author and the illustrator. Although we weren’t able to give her a prize, I know that her hard work was recognised.
Jamal - winner of The Great Big Book of Feelings competitionMariam’s poster was the Winner for the “What Makes Me Sad” category – rightly so as no one is happy when they’re ill and it’s raining.
Jamal submitted just one poster, but what a poster it was! He was selected as the Overall Competition winner for his “What Makes Me Angry” poster. Here he is displaying the winning poster and his prize.
Both Mariam and Jamal won copies of The Big Book of Feelings and Jamal was sent two extra books from Francis Lincoln.



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