It’s time to enter the Creepy House…

Creepy House - Summer Reading Challenge 2013… because Summer Reading Challenge time is here again!

Last week the three Triborough library services got together to hold a launch event with a Reception class from each borough (St Vincent’s RC from Westminster, St Barnabas and St Phillips from RBKC and Langford Primary from LBHF). Author Andrew Weale performed his book ‘Spooky spooky house’ (winner of the Red House Book Award) and the children also took part in recording an audio book during the show, which will be sent to their schools.

If you were in the West End on Saturday you may also have encountered roving (or indeed creeping) librarians in Creepy House kit alongside the Reading Agency at the ‘Get Reading Festival’.

Weswtminster Librarians promote Creepy House at the 'Get Reading' festival in Trafalgar SquareOn the hottest day of the year, our staff formed part of a team in Trafalgar Square who spoke to children and families about reading for fun, taking part in Creepy House and of course, promoting local library services (you couldn’t get much more local than Trafalgar Square, with two Westminster libraries within a 5 minute walk!).
There were readings by celebrities, appearances by the cast of ‘Horrible Histories’ and ‘Peppa Pig’, among others, and hosts ‘Dick and Dom’ did a great job of promoting reading and all the organisations at the festival.

The Summer Reading Challenge takes place in public libraries across the land during the summer holidays. This year’s theme is Creepy House (as if you hadn’t guessed), so there’s a spooky, spine-tingling adventure waiting for children when they take part. They can join our adventurers as they explore the Creepy House, discover its secrets and meet some of the hair-raising residents – simply by reading six books from the library! Read more about it and the 130+ events and activities we’ve got going on in libraries on our Creepy House web pages, and come in to your local library to sign up and join in!

Are the UK’s children brave enough to explore The Awful Upstairs, The Gruesome Ground Floor and The Spine-tingling Cellar?



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