Marylebone Library on the move… Pt3

Macintosh House, July 2013Call it a library? It’s just a heap of junk.

Old furniture, abandoned fridges and cookers, cardboard boxes I would rather not look inside – it’s all piled up in an under-lit basement room, intended to be a reference library.

Don’t panic. Even as I type, Womble-like people are picking through this unsightly pile, recycling wherever possible, clearing everything, ready for the grand transformation. Give it a few weeks, and there will be bookshelves, newspaper racks, computers, an enquiry desk and (an important ingredient, this) enquiry staff to sit behind it.

It’s the same throughout Macintosh House, Marylebone Library’s temporary home from August. Stuff is being cleared, new lighting fitted, walls decorated, floors carpeted, and library furniture installed. Now that the library’s reserve stock has made the journey to its own temporary home at Victoria Library, our attention here at Marylebone has turned to sorting, selecting, and packing, so that we are ready for the off.

Aha, I hear you chuckle – I’ll bet they’ve got junk of their own to get rid of. Well, I couldn’t possibly comment on that. Suffice to say that I have filled the odd recycling bag in the last few days, and I may fill one or two more before I finish. [At this point, I was going to make a joke about a woman’s work never being done, but I am a devout coward!]



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