The heart of the community

If you want to be reassured that the library is, for many people, still in the heart of the community, try a little outreach. At the Marylebone Summer Fayre, for instance.

The Marylebone Summer Fayre 2013On Sunday a small gang of staff from Marylebone Library and Information Service wheeled a loaded trolley through the streets to set up the library’s stall at this year’s Fayre. Soon we were involved with trading and gambling…
Fear not: we weren’t running some den of iniquity. The trading was in CDs and DVDs, withdrawn from the library, and some of Westminster Archive Centre’s ever-popular local publications. The gambling was a tombola with children’s books as the prizes.

We also joined people up as library members, and answered questions. And the question asked most often: When is Marylebone Library moving? Answer: We don’t know – some time in August! Next most asked: Where are you moving to? That one we could answer, especially as we were standing just a couple of minutes away from the library’s temporary billet in Beaumont Street.

The Marylebone Summer Fayre 2013

A pleasingly high percentage of people were already members, knew a lot about our services, and were happy to learn more. Oh, and our Cabinet Member, Cllr Steve Summers, popped by, together with Cllr Robert Davis, and took a lively interest in our activities.

Well worth the effort, I thought.



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