Straight outta… St Martin’s Street (WC2)

Telemachusat Westminster Reference Library, May 2013UK producer Telemachus / Chemo (or David – as his mother calls him – Webb) launched his new album, entitled ‘In the Evening’, appropriately enough at around 8.00pm last Wednesday, 29 May, at Westminster Reference Library.

It was not the first gig of its kind at the library and I sure hope it won’t be the last. Telemachus is a great talent. He may strive to look like a cross between a Victorian explorer and Lawrence of Arabia (and don’t get me started on his table lamps and stuffed pets) but his multi-faceted production is flawless and flows like an elegant dream.

Shama Rahman plays sitar at Telemachus gig, Westminster Reference Library, May 2013The show started with a Sitar intro by the beautiful Shama Rahman. After that it was downhill all the way with a lineup of MCs who were so cool the temperature in the overheated room dropped by several degrees. Confucius MC, Rag’N’Bone Man, Con & Kwake, the very redoubtable Jehst, Kwake + Mr Thing and Jareth were all amazing, though a special mention must go to El Crisis, one of the most haunting spoken word performers on the planet – the room temperature went immediately up again during his performance and soon it was so hot it is a wonder people didn’t start take off their clothes… [enough jokes, Ed]

For a full review, read the Guardian blog: Hip-hop straight outta … Westminster Reference Library. If you want to hear first about other gigs in the library, join the Facebook group.



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