Marylebone Library on the move… Pt1

Marylebone Library stacks...It has started. Meetings are taking place; plans are being pored over; more plans are being made. Books are being counted, assessed and (just a few so far) moved. Brows are starting to be furrowed.

Marylebone Library is on the move. Twice.

In August, we move to a temporary billet in Beaumont Street, just near Marylebone High Street. Then, in a couple of years or so, we do the whole thing again, ending up in our super-duper, brand new building in Luxborough Street (subject to receiving planning permission).

As well as moving all the books and computers and furniture from the lending and reference sections of the library, we have to solve the “under the pavement” problem. In the basement, extending beneath the pavement of Marylebone Road, are the library stacks, three rooms full of our reserve stock. As well as a “classified” sequence of books which mirrors the sequence in the reference reading room, there are back numbers of magazines and journals, sometimes bound and sometimes not.

There is not room for these at our temporary location, so they have to be found temporary homes, where they will be not only safe, but also readily accessible to library users (as far as possible). This is – he says, nonchalantly – a bit of a challenge.

Do you begin to see why brows are becoming furrowed? Would you like to know more about our travels? You would? Excellent! I’ll get back to you.



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