Why Libraries are Good for your Health, Pt II

Not many people realise that libraries (and their staff) are mobile… I am not , in this instance, talking about our wonderful Home Library Service (more of that another time)  but the fact that a lot of librarians, library assistants and even the Health Information Coordinator will leave libraries and go out and about in the community so that the maximum number of people can hear about our services and enjoy them. For example:

The great under fives sessions held regularly in our children’s libraries are taken out to local nurseries, children’s centres and schools – singing and nursery rhymes and sharing a good book – all brought to you.  We have already said how book sharing can improve your child’s health!

St George's Day activity at Dart Street street partyThe craft sessions that are offered as part of children’s events in libraries get carried out to community celebrations – such was the case at the recent Queen’s Park St Georges Day celebrations on 23 April.  Lucy, the librarian at Queen’s Park Library took craft materials down to Dart Street where a street party, organised by Paddington Development Trust,  local community champions, Beethoven Centre and Beethoven Health Hub was in full swing.

Our Bengali Outreach Worker at Dart Street street partyThe Queen’s Park Library Bibliotherapy Group made their way down to the party and spotted Mahbuba Khan, the Bengali Outreach worker promoting her English reading, writing and speaking groups. The Bengali Outreach Project and the libraries’ Health Project  (the health project runs the bibliotherapy groups) are planning several health events in partnership  in May and June, including a Tai Chi session and a pre-Ramadan health checklist event.

A 100th Birthday Cake!The Health Project also does taster Share a Book groups in sheltered housing, such as the enjoyable group with ladies from Westbourne Open Age Hub in Raine House sheltered housing last week.

These are just a few of the ways that libraries come out  to you for the good of  your health and your community!



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