This is their moment

Daniel Smith and Adam Hope at Westminster Music LibraryOn Tuesday, Westminster Music Library played host to a packed audience, eagerly anticipating an evening of songs from both the classical and musical theatre performed by two promising musicians. They were not disappointed, our two rising young stars – baritone Daniel Smith and pianist Adam Hope (Adam making a return trip to Westminster Music Library, this time as accompanist) – already have a glittering set of credentials in the world of music performance.

The concert opened with classical songs by Handel, Haydn and a selection of eighteenth century Italian songs, all demonstrating Daniel’s deep understanding of musical interpretation and sensitivity.

Having lulled our audience into a mood of calm and tranquillity, the second set opened with Adam playing something distinctly syncopated, giving us a big clue that what we were about to hear would be a lot livelier, and quite possibly ‘jazzier’. From Nat King Cole to Andrew Lloyd Webber, we were treated to timeless classics like “Mona Lisa” and toe tapping numbers from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat. The boy sure can swing, and with a pianist like Adam to accompany him, we reckon his future as a world class performer is guaranteed, catch them while you can.

Our audience clearly enjoyed it too…

Daniel smith at Westminster Music Library, April 2013“Many thanks to all concerned for an excellent concert and the opportunity to join the library.”

“Daniel and Adam were both fantastic and the staff were extremely welcoming, helpful and friendly.”

“A very enjoyable and special musical evening, thank you.”

“Very well performed, I’m sure Daniel has a very bright future.”



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