Making an ‘eggstra’ effort to have a health ‘chick’

Health eventIn the Times newspaper recently (16 March 2013 – log in with your Westminster library card number to view the article via Newsbank), the health ‘Czar’ said something along the lines of:
We are all going to have to take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing as the NHS simply can’t afford to treat the results of our unhealthy lifestyle choices.

I won’t ‘rabbit’ on too much in this week before Easter but Marylebone Library customers seemed to be taking this on board last week, or perhaps they were attracted by the offer of a ‘Free Health Chick’.  Quite a few people turned up to have their blood pressure taken by Barry from the Stroke Association. I provided him with miniature toy chicks to give out – they raised a smile and, perhaps,  even lowered the blood pressure result!

Health events, Marylebone Library March 2013

Marian and Rachel from the NHS health improvement team were also in the library; they offered information and advice around healthy eating and ‘eggsercise’ alongside a bowl of ‘easy peel’ satsumas, the fruity health event favourite,  to tempt people away from choccy eggs.

Several Marylebone Library staff got their blood pressure checked; librarian Sameena was full of smiles at her eggcellent result. Duty Supervisor Helen informed me that her ‘body is a temple’. I am jolly pleased to hear it!

Health events, Marylebone Library March 2013The staff of Marylebone Library and Information Service are going to need all their health and strength for the year ahead – first the move to a temporary home in August and then, this time next year, (hopefully) to their brand new, state of the art, de luxe new library in Luxborough Street [find out more]. I for one am very much looking forward to lots of health events in the new space inside, and outside in the park area.



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