You’ve got a Friend in Mayfair

Residents of the Mayfair area, do you know about the Friends of Mayfair Library group? It was set up by local residents interested in supporting the library, raising money for disabled access and events and generally making the library a hub of activity and our events room into the ‘Village Hall’ that the area lacks.

Over the last two years the Friends have been busy raising money and organising a variety of events, including steak tasting, scrabble nights, a PG Wodehouse walk, a weekly art appreciation class (currently running) and just last week the author Ruth Rendell gave a talk to a packed ‘village hall’.

Ruth Rendell visit to Mayfair Library, February 2013What will they be doing next? Take a look at the Friends of Mayfair Library on Facebook. Anyone can join the Friends – pick up a membership form from the library, or email for further details.

Mayfair Library is also the home of Westminster’s Reading Group book store. We hold duplicate copies of books which are available to be borrowed across the Triborough area (Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea)by library reading groups and also by library members who go to their own reading group.

We can deliver a set of books to a library of your choice within the three boroughs and you will get an extended period to borrow them – all for no charge! For the full list of titles take a look at the Reading Group Store. Contact to borrow a set or for further details.



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