Smoking, Jazz, London and pots (of money?) – useful books

Yesterday was National No Smoking Day and all the news items and methods reminded me about a book I read in 1995, after I kept meeting ex-smokers who all had one thing in common – they had read it too.

So as I approach the 18th anniversary of being ‘free of the weed’, I asked a few colleagues if they could recommend a ‘useful book’ – one that had helped them to change something, learn something or achieve something in their lives. Their responses form an eclectic selection:

You and Your Money
by Alvin Hall
You and your money, by Alvin Hall“A very readable book which shows how your past conditioning and learned, bad money habits can lead to financial disaster! For anyone who really wants to better manage their personal finances through understanding the part their money personality plays. It has the easy, affable style you associate with Alvin Hall from his TV appearances.”

The jazz book: from ragtime to fusion and beyond
The Jazz Book, by Joachim Berendtby Joachim-Ernest Berendt
“As a teenager who listened almost exclusively to Motown and Mozart, it was the first book I read about jazz and is largely responsible for influencing the course of my studies at university. It’s an invaluable introduction to jazz and a great starting point for anyone who has struggled to ‘get’ this amazing music.”

Tired of London, tired of life, by Tom JonesTired of London, tired of life: one thing a day to do in London
by Tom Jones
“Intriguing, eye-opening and entertaining things to do in London, for every day of the year. Use this book to get the most out of living in London: the suggested days out never fail to surprise and delight!”

The potter's guide to ceramic surfaces, by Jo ConnellThe potter’s guide to ceramic surfaces
by Jo Connell

“It hasn’t made my pots any better – but they are more decorative!”

And the book I read in 1995?

Allen Carr's Easy way to stop smokingAllen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking
by Allen Carr
Simple, short (though there are now extended versions available) and not relying on substitutes, scare tactics or even much willpower. You continue to smoke as you read it, and stop at the end.

So whatever you want to do, try us – we might just have a book that will change your life!
If you want to give up smoking, you can get advice on this and a huge range of other health issues at regular drop-ins in Westminster Libraries.


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