Happy World Book Day!

World Book Day 2013As most parents of primary school children will know, having been frantically creating little book characters out of their offspring this morning, today is World Book Day!

With research showing that children who use libraries are twice as likely to become above average readers, it’s a great day to come to the library and – if they’re not members already – get your kids their very own library card (there’s no lower age limit and it’s free).

If your children have dressed up today we’d love to see what they look like! Send us a picture, with the name of the book or character, and we’ll tweet it.

There’s an amazing event happening for children later today at St John’s Wood Library, when The Latin Programme present The World of the Romans with games, art activities and storytelling. It’s free but places are limited so you need to book in advance.

We’ve got a couple of giveaways of our own for World Book Day:

Like Westminster SLS on Facebook and win free booksPrimary schools in Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham can win over £100 worth of books for their school library, just by visiting the Westminster Schools Library Service Facebook page and clicking ‘Like’ – how easy is that? New likes added before midnight on 10 March will be entered into a Prize Draw, so tell any primary school teachers you know to go to www.facebook.com/WestminsterSLS as soon as they can.

Add a review to the library catalogue and win a book token!We’re also giving away three book tokens to people who add a book review to our catalogue, also before midnight on 10 March. It’s very easy – search the catalogue to find a book you want to write about, click on Add a review, sign up (you only need to enter an email address – which is not visible publicly – and choose a password) and write! Reviews can be good or bad, short or long, and each one will be put in a hat and the winners selected at random. We’ll contact the winners tomorrow, using the email addresses given.

Finally, Eszter Rajna, a reader at St John’s Wood Library has contributed this poem about her library:

Books with enticing titles
All for free
Free words, free thoughts
Taking us to free worlds
Music of all kinds to choose from
Expanding our taste
Reminding us of classic favourites
Films to entertain, offering an occasion
Therapeutic value
As we recognise ourselves in a character
Or in a story
No hurry to pay, payment can be done… later
Where else do we see this generosity?
Internet for free, keeping us in touch with friends and family for free
Catering to all ages and tastes
A lovely welcoming library
Staffed by great people
Helping… for ‘FREE’!

However you choose to celebrate World Book Day, we hope you have a great day and look forward to seeing you at the library.


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