Dear Santa

Dear Santa, Please can I have 79,953 records for Christmas? I know they wood take up lots of space but I coold keep them under the bed (and my sisters bed, as long as I dont tell her - she'd only spoyle them). Lots of love, Anna  Dear Anna, Merry Christmas! Thank you for your lovely letter. Your writing is very good, and I'm sure that your spelling will soon improve! Don't worry about where to keep your discs - with the magic of the 24/7 Library you won't be able to see them, but you can play them whenever you like. You will need a Westminster library card, but I'm sure a sensible child like you already has one. All your CDs will be in the Naxos Music Library. They've also got a lovely Junior Section, with songs to sing as well as the story of classical music and a chance to meet the instruments of the orchestra. Lots to read and lots to sing! ( Have a lovely Christmas, and keep up the spelling practice. Love, Santa


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