Paddington Library

Last week saw two contrasting events at Paddington Library.

Paddington Library Christmas Tree 2012Christmas was anticipated with enthusiasm when the staff organised a Family Fun Day in partnership with the local Westbourne Park Church. Suna from the Church ran a craft session for the children and led the carol singing. Children also decorated the tree and watched a fabulous puppet show put on by Aitor and Paula.  Meanwhile Kate and Tim started the day with a relaxing yoga session and Laurence read the opening passage from Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol.

To top it off we had lots of food and mulled wine!

On another day, Nick (the Children and Early Years Coordinator) and Laurence led a group of librarians on a tour of Paddington Childrens’ Library. The group were from the National Library of Children and Youth (NLCY), South Korea. The NLCY runs various reading promotion programs for children and young adults and conducts professional development training for children’s librarians.

Laurence, Nick and the South Korean delegation from NLCY, December 2012

The group included Paddington Childrens’ Library as part of their visit to a number of libraries in the UK and France. We talked about the services we offer to local children and young people and they watched our Senior Library Assistant Grainne manage a class visit from Edward Wilson Primary School.



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