So here it is…

Christmas Open Evening at Westminster Music Library 2012And everybody certainly looked like they were having fun. It’s Christmas, which means another rip roaring evening of festive entertainment with the Music Library All Stars. Our house pianist kicked off the proceedings with a bevy of carols, this year ably supported by our own South West Community Choir. They soon had everyone joining in, and with the benefit of a glass of plonk and a mince pie the volume was sufficient to drown out any rival carol concerts in the whole of Greater London!

But it’s not just about the carols, we’re here to let everybody know about Westminster Music Library and all the great stuff we have, so what better way to check how much people really know about music than to set them a festive music quiz? Basic house rules apply – no assistance from your i-phone and absolutely no sneaking a peek at what’s on the library shelves.

Christmas Open Evening at Westminster Music Library 2012

So how did they do?  Not that bad, given that we covered all bases from classical music to The Clash. However there were a few knitted eyebrows; a sackbut* is not a style of trouser and yes, Bucks Fizz may be a nice drink to enjoy with smoked salmon, but they were also one of the few bands to win the Eurovision song contest for the UK. After much conferring (will that lady on the front row please stop shouting out the answers!) we had our winning team. Well done for knowing so much music trivia, do come back and visit us, your amazing knowledge will ensure you win next year as well.

Christmas Open Evening at Westminster Music Library 2012

Prizegiving over, there was just time for a few more carols (notice our house pianist kept his hat on) before wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas.

Here’s a few words from the people who came:

“Thank you for a very enjoyable evening, it was great fun.”
“I love this library, and it was great to join in with the choir.”
“I’ve had a wonderful evening, thanks so much!”
“I’ve just joined [the library] tonight, it’s terrific, I’m definitely coming back.”


*It’s an early version of a trombone – you’ll have to come and visit us if you want to know what a theremin is.


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