Ho ho ho!

Santa Claus - last seen in Westminster Music LibraryWell here we are again, it’s “that time of year” when we cast aside all our normal duties and serious faces, don silly hats and generally behave in a very un-librarian like fashion. Christmas would not be the same without the Under 5s Extravaganza in Westminster Music Library, and it was our duty to make sure that every child (regardless of whether they have been good or bad) got to join in the festive fun, sing some jolly Christmas songs and generally have a good time.

Our house pianist (he’s getting used to being humiliated now, he will willingly agree to wear the silly hat if approached in the right way – bookings made through his agent please) once more stepped up to the plate providing assured accompaniments for our caroling.

Once everyone was settled in, warmed up and in the festive mood, the singing grew louder (just as well as this was the day BT had decided to do some on site drilling) and the anticipation of what was yet to come grew to a fever pitch. None other than Santa Claus himself was rumored to be making a brief stop off from his rounds to pay us an early visit. And sure enough, after a few verses of “Jingle Bells” the man himself appeared; booted, suited and bearded, and yo-ho-ho-ing for all he was worth.

Under 5s Christmas Extravaganza 2012 at Westminster Music Library

Every child received a present (one little boy is enjoying his very first Christmas) from Father Christmas, only two showed signs of fear (awwww come on, it’s only Santa) but were eventually brought round with Christmas presents. Once all his gifts were distributed, Santa joined us in a song before going on his merry way. But as if by magic and to the delight of our young guests, yet more presents appeared, more Christmas songs were sung (involving a certain amount of free form dancing and audience participation) and one of our guests enjoyed himself so much he decided to eat his song sheet.

So having wished everyone a very Happy Christmas, we packed up our bells, hats and tinsel for another year, Santa disappeared on his sleigh and our pianist returned to his scales and arpeggios. We’re keeping the hat for later though – check our events page if you want to know why…



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