Experts across three boroughs

Davendra Dangol of the Expert Patients Programme at Shepherd's Bush LibraryI first got a call from Davendra Dangol when I was away in Wales (for some reason my work phone was on!). He explained that he worked for Hammersmith & Fulham-based community group Nubian Life, who had been commissioned to deliver twelve Expert Patient Programmes, Triborough-wide.

The Expert Patients Programme is a brilliant idea: people with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes sign up and attend sessions that enable them to get a handle on their situation. By the end of the course the person knows a lot more about not only their condition, but also how to navigate the primary and secondary care pathways; in layman’s terms how to get the treatment and consistent care they need right from the first visit to the GP to getting to see a specialist and on to say, regular sessions with community nurses or physios.

The idea is that the patient has more information and therefore can make informed decisions and ask the right questions etc. This makes for a more relaxed individual and we all know being relaxed is good for your health! It needn’t be arthritis or diabetes, it could be a lung condition or a slipped disc – it is open to all adults, not just the over 50s.

Davendra came along to a Well Wednesday at Church Street Library, and then to the newly re-opened Maida Vale Library – both in Westminster. He brought a large banner and a larger smile and gave the health promotion event the feel good factor.

Davendra Dangol of the Expert Patient Programme at North Kensington LibraryDavendra was then keen to go closer to home, and in a prime position at the Shepherd’s Bush Library entrance talked to customers from the White City area of Hammersmith & Fulham.

Finally Davendra, Sue Cornish (Adult Learning Coordinator) and I arranged a regular Tuesday spot in Kensington & Chelsea for him – at North Kensington Library.

Many thanks to all library staff for hosting this worthwhile health promotion and of course, many thanks to Davendra for making us all more health aware – Triborough style!



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