Which Which?

What have ink cartridges, mattresses, low-fat food and car insurance for the over-65s got in common?

Which? available in print and online versions at several Westminster LibrariesThe answer is that, along with set-top boxes, energy bills and fridges, they are all dealt with in a recent edition of Which? Magazine.

The standard format for their reports is a general description of the range of products or services available, an account of the tests they have applied, and a list of results in order, best first and worst last.

But the table as printed is often only the tip of the iceberg – usually, many more items will have been tested than the ones reported in the monthly magazine. And that’s where the online edition comes into its own.

Go online and see all the test reports. Sift out only the TVs or insurance policies which meet your particular needs. Get an updated idea of what you might expect to pay for the one which catches your eye. And – this should probably have come first – read wise advice on how to choose, and pitfalls to avoid. Both versions are good, but together they are a formidable weapon for the consumer of almost anything legal.

The good news is that every Westminster Library that subscribes to Which? in print automatically qualifies for the online version, to share with library users. You can only access Which? Online at home if you subscribe personally. Otherwise head for Marylebone Library (either the Information Service upstairs or the Lending Library downstairs) or any of Mayfair, Pimlico, Queen’s Park, St John’s Wood, Victoria or Westminster Reference Libraries.

And the readers’ tips are a bonus – you wouldn’t believe how many unsightly stains they can help you remove from your furnishings. Or your children!



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