Volunteer Reading Help

Volunteer Reading HelpWestminster Schools Library Service was very happy to be invited to run a training session for adults helping children’s reading through Volunteer Reading Help.

This organisation recruits, trains and supplies adult volunteers who generously and enthusiastically give hours of their time to go into schools and work with children for whom reading is difficult, helping those children to develop their confidence and ability and to have fun, a word that cropped up many, many times at the event.

Around 35 volunteers joined us for the afternoon, beginning with a presentation by our librarian, setting today’s reading challenges in context. This was followed by a practical workshop in which the volunteers examined and evaluated a huge range of children’s books, from our own collections and from well-known publishers.

The event had excellent feedback, and Westminster Schools Library Service was thrilled to feel the buzz of enthusiasm and commitment brought by Volunteer Reading Help.

“I want to thank you so much for yesterday, it was fabulous, the volunteers all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I know they all gained so much. We were all full of it all when we left!  I know they’ll be thinking so much more about the books they select to share with the children and will certainly feel much more informed about the different types of books that are available. I loved your style, the views that you shared and the way you opened up discussion was wonderful.”

Hats off to Amelia and Anna for organising this successful event. As one of the volunteers remarked, “what a range of opinions and talents you have assembled!”



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