Online only… What do you think?

Child at computerPublishers Macmillan have just announced that the print-on-paper, hard copies of their dictionaries currently rolling off the presses will be their last ever – they are moving to online versions only and have produced a short film to sell the advantages of their decision.

If more information resources move to online-only availability, school children will have to spend more and time in front of computer screens, be they tablets or hand-held devices, and I wonder what schools and families think about this?

What do optometrists think?

What do you think?

A learner of English might like publishers’ resources to be spent on built-in examples of pronunciation as featured in their promo video. Personally, I like the sound of thin paper rustling as, in an idle moment, you leaf through the biggest dictionary you can lay your hands on, looking for the most unlikely and entertaining words you can find. Still, I can see the benefits of a portable version, and as a devotee of both print and electronic formats (content is king!) I’m not too disturbed by Macmillan’s news.

Watch the Macmillan video:

[Susan at the Schools Library Service]


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