East and West

Paddington LibraryPaddington Library is used to welcoming visitors from around the world ( see previous posts for examples) and this week was no exception.

On Monday a 15 strong group of librarians from the National Library for Children and Young Adults of South Korea came to Paddington Children’s Library for a tour and a briefing about the services we offer.

Nick Fuller, the Children and Early Years’ Coordinator and I gave the group (through their interpreter) an overview of our work and some of the challenges in providing services to young people. The group was particularly interested in Story Lab (this year’s Summer Reading Challenge).

We talked about the following areas of work:

  • Library services for children and young adults and management system
  • Reading promotion policies or programs
  • Collaboration with other libraries and relevant institutions
  • Provision of online services for children and use of digital materials

Following on from this I registered a group of 40 students from Brigham Young University, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA as Paddington Library members. The group is staying at the Brigham Young’s London campus which is located in Bayswater.  It is the first time in the UK for many of them and I was keen to introduce them to a British public library and talk about the services available. The students are studying a range of subjects: Music, Philosophy, History and Art. The group is staying until December and will then return home to continue their studies. We wish them well!



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