Text Tribe

Man reading a bookHave you thought about joining a book group?

Perhaps you have, but worried that it might not suit you. Or perhaps you’ve wanted to but haven’t found one with meeting times that work for you.
Maybe you’re unable to get out, either because of disability, caring for someone or childcare duties.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then we’ve got just the book group for you.

Maybe you *are* a member of a book group, but would like to read more and discuss more with a wider group of people. Perhaps you’d like to continue the conversation whenever the mood takes you, rather than just at monthly meetings. Or maybe you just really love books and want to talk about them all the time!

Recognise yourself? We’ve got just the book group for you.

Sleepyhead, by Mark BillinghamThe Triborough libraries (Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Hammersmith & Fulham) have got together to set up Text Tribe, a purely online reading group. We’re starting with Sleepyhead, the first in the successful Thorne series by Mark Billingham. We’ve been working with Little, Brown, the publishers, which means that for the launch of the group we’ve got a few extras treats too – free copies of the book to give away and a special visit from Mark on 6 November. We’ll be videoing the event for those who can’t be there in person, but if you canĀ – it’s free, and you can book your seat via the Text Tribe website.

The great thing about an online group is that you can discuss the book at a time that suits you. If you’ve stayed up late, gripped to the finish, and want to share your thoughts straight away, you can do that. If something someone else says changes your view of the book, you can respond to that too. It’s an ongoing discussion, amongst people from all walks of life and all kinds of situations.

Text Tribe reading groupSleepyhead is a crime novel, but don’t assume this group is a crime reading group. After this first book we’ll be turning to the members of the group to decide how they want it to go and what they want to read next. They could stick with crime or go for romance, challenge themselves to the Booker shortlist or immerse themselves in comics. Or a combination of them all!

So come over to Text Tribe, introduce yourself (you can be as anonymous as you want), grab a copy of the book and get reading. We’re looking forward to meeting you.



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