Romancing the town

One of Sharon Kendrick's titles for Mills & BoonThe past week has seen two very popular events in our libraries. Both Victoria and Mayfair libraries were delighted to host a Mills & Boon writing workshop led by Sharon Kendrick, one of their most prolific authors. We have hosted similar workshops before and they are always full – this was no exception. Everyone had a great time and the talk was fast – almost frenetic – at times. People came out commenting on just how much had been accomplished, as shown in the following thank you note:

“Many thanks to the Victoria library in Westminster  for arranging a Mills and Boon session with well-known author Sharon Kendrick. I did not know what to expect as a friend encouraged me to come along and I really loved the session. Sharon is very charismatic and she managed to convey her passion for writing in the room through sheer experience and enthusiasm. We got a plan and tips to create our characters, backgrounds, settings. I was really thrilled when she gave me a signed copy of her latest novel! It was a lovely personal touch!
The session was free of charge and effort was made to make everyone feel welcome.
Well done Victoria Library!”

If you fancy yourself as a Mills & Boon writer, look out for future sessions on our News & events page, or follow us on Twitter.



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