A summer of health, part 4

The judges decide: Come Lunch With Me intergenerational lunch club

From dog shows to urgent NHS consultation documents by way of ‘Come Lunch With Me’ clubs and craft events for food faddy under fives, the Westminster Libraries Health Project shows no sign of slowing down or planning any kind of late Autumn hibernation.

Shaping a healthier future - NHS consultationIn July the NHS launched its ‘Shaping a healthier future’ public consultation to see what we all think of the changes in how our healthcare is managed. I won’t explain here but do look out for the blue consultation documents, available in all Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham Libraries. In the detailed guide to the changes there is a questionnaire and FREEPOST envelope, you can also check it out online or free phone 0800 881 5209.

It is one of the many things that libraries do for the community – make sure the public have the opportunity to find out about major changes to services and to have their say. The consultation closes on 8 October.

Kate at the 'Come Lunch With Me' intergenerational lunch clubOne way in which libraries have changed is that they are, in general, no longer places where you have to be totally silent the moment you enter the building (on tiptoe of course). That isn’t to say there aren’t quiet areas for those who want/need to study (another great way in which we serve the community) but so much more HAPPENS in libraries nowadays. In order to make more things happen we work in partnership.

Witness the recent Mini Kickstart promotional event at St John’s Wood Library. Mini Kick Start run courses for families of 2 to 5 year olds to set the young ones on the path of lifelong healthy eating – this is the time when they are finding out about different kinds of food, and often the time when fussy eating can get problematic and even carry on into adulthood. The Mini Kick Start team are great at making mealtime fun and stress free for toddlers and their families – of course they do make rather a lot of noise in the process…

Preparing food for the Intergenerational Lunch Club...

The Health Project worked with two partners, Open Age and the Beethoven Centre Health Hub to bring about the Intergenerational Lunch Club sessions pictured here. All the participants actually cooked the food under the supervision of Health Hub nutritionist Debbie and were subjected to my Healthy Eating Quiz and a Food & Mood discussion (books available in the library!), not to mention learning all about the great courses and events going on in our libraries.

Winner at the Paddington Recreation Ground dog showAnother very powerful mood enhancer is owning a pet (seamless connection there!) and yes, we were invited to another Dog Show – this time as one of the judges at a City West Homes event in Paddington Recreation Ground. It also gave me the opportunity to give out leaflets letting everyone know that Maida Vale Library is open for business and looking really smart. I was proud to represent Westminster Libraries and did my best to choose the most deserving winner 🙂

Well, I think the summer is over. There is a bit of a chill in the evenings. But we’ve lots of books and events coming up to see you happily and healthily into Autumn!



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