It’s been a blast…

Olympic hand prints at Victoria LibraryWith just the parties and closing ceremonies to go, here’s a little reminder to all Story Lab children out there to go to your library and complete your Summer Reading Challenge. Did you read six books? Have you collected your medal? Even if you didn’t make it to six, there are stickers and prizes to collect at the four and two book stages, so go tell our willing Story Lab volunteers what you’ve been up to!

The last event at Victoria Library (apart from the party, which is tomorrow) was an Olympic hand-printing session for under sixes. Lots of children came and had good old messy, painty fun.

Olympic hand prints at Victoria Library“What a nice, different way of doing hand painting; especially for this Olympic Year”

“It’s so messy, but great fun! She doesn’t usually like to get her hands mucky but is joining in because  the other children are doing it.”

“I’m going to give this to my Granny and Grandad for their wall!”

Victoria Library has over 60 children who have completed the challenge so far, with more pouring through the doors to collect their medals every day. The deadline for completing is 16 September. We can’t wait to find out the total figures for the whole of Westminster Libraries – it’s going to be HUGE.

Olympic hand prints at Victoria Library



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