A summer of health, part 2

Sun Safety at Church Street LibraryWhile the Olympian preparations were in full swing, and during the glorious weeks that followed, the Westminster Health Information Project was doing its best to engage customers with interesting and fun health awareness events provided  by the tireless NHS teams.

One very popular event was lung function testing by the Westminster COPD team (that’s Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). It was held at Marylebone Library and both customers and staff got the chance to see how well their lungs were working. Barry the librarian can be seen here taking the test given by Gillian and Jared from the COPD team.

COPD lung function testing at Marylebone Library

I am pleased to say that, in spite of being slightly worried at the thought of taking the test, he passed with flying colours. The lung function test looks at how much oxygen your lungs are getting into your bloodstream. We need oxygen to do everything: digest our food, move  about and, of course, concentrate and Barry’s lungs are doing a very good job! It was great to see a staff member benefitting from the health awareness initiatives put in place by the NHS-sponsored Health Information Project.

Sun Safety at Church Street LibraryAnother very popular event was a Sun Safety session with Marian from the Health Improvement Team at Church Street Library.  The picture shows young Liam, a frequent visitor to the children’s library and teen zone.
After a damp and chilly start the summer really surprised us with some scorchers and as the incidence of skin cancer in this country is higher than ever it is as well to remind our library users not to laze around in that deckchair (with a good book of course) without a liberal application of sunscreen.

Bubble Yoga at Queen's Park LibraryNext it was the turn of Queen’s Park Library as they hosted an original ‘Bubble Yoga’ event as part of the Summer Reading Challenge. Tim from the British Wheel of Yoga took parents and children on an imaginary journey inside a bubble.

Bubble Yoga at Queen's Park LibraryThey stretched and explored their bubbles and in the process did a gentle set of yoga poses. This was a relaxing and fun experience as you can see! The event attracted the notice of regular library users, who bubbled over with smiles at the sight of the young yogis attempting to balance in their imaginary spheres.

There are many more events planned for the autumn so no need to mourn the approaching end of summer because the fun is only just starting – watch this space for more health events including the fabulous intergenerational ‘Come Dine With Us’ Lunch Club!



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