I wanna be like… Westminster Music Library

Many strange tales are told about the jungles of India and none as strange as Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, but this time it’s as you’ve never heard it before – performed by the Music Library team.

Determined not to miss out on this year’s Summer Reading Challenge, we spent the morning entertaining our younger readers with stories and songs from Kipling’s magical book. Just who was this little boy called Mowgli and where was he found? A whole menagerie of jungle animals appeared to befriend him, from apes to elephants, and then there were those not so friendly tigers and snakes.

Jungle Book event at Westminster Music Library

Yet another challenge for our house pianist, who up until today had not been accustomed to playing songs about bears, monkeys, snakes and elephants. As usual he rose to the challenge and coped remarkably well!

The Jungle Book, by Rudyard KiplingAfter a few more stories and songs we all had a go at The Jungle Book Quiz; had our young participants paid attention to the stories of Baloo, Shere Kahn, Bagheera, Colonel Hatha and all the other jungle tribe?
It would seem so, and with a grand finale of “The Bear Necessities”, everyone agreed that Baloo the bear was the best of them all. That freewheeling loveable bear could sing, dance and enjoy life using only the “bear necessities”.
I’m sure Baloo would agree that we would all have made very swell bears indeed.



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