A summer of health

Mood-boosting book listBefore the Olympics turned out to be such a thoroughly good thing all round (and looking back, we weren’t really sure now were we?) the Westminster Libraries Health Project decided to safeguard the delicate sensibilities of our members in Paddington by treating them to a jolly display of ‘Mood Boosting’ books.

The mood boosting titles are sent to libraries by the Reading Agency and they added to the general titles for 2012 by producing lists for young people and for older readers. We ordered all the copies we could find in Westminster libraries and created a display next to the usual Paddington health book extravaganza (seen here in a previous article, festooned with fruit and flowers no less).

Ben getting a mood boost

Here’s a picture of Ben, the new(ish) Area Manager for Paddington, Queen’s Park and Maida Vale Libraries. Ben needed a bit of cheering up lately, what with the closure of Maida Vale Library for repairs, but we see him here getting stuck into a good mood boosting book – and it has done the trick, as he is now raring to go when Maida Vale Library re-opens in part of the building at the end of this month.



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