You hum the tune, we’ll supply the music

Choir and orchestra rehearsal - image courtesy of Pyjama on Flickr

Have you ever thought about joining a choir? Perhaps you already have, but did you ever wonder where the all important music comes from? Do the scores just miraculously appear during the first rehearsal handed out by your choir master, or are you expected to go off and buy your own copy at great expense?

Look no further. Westminster Music Library has just added lots of new choral sets to its already impressive collection. We have many famous works for larger choirs, everything from Bach’s Magnificat to Verdi’s Requiem and all in sets of 20 plus.

If your choir isn’t that big and you want something a bit smaller – like a madrigal or a motet –  we have plenty of those too. And don’t forget – if it’s just the one copy you’re after we won’t make you take the whole set, we have lots of single copies too, so you won’t need to bring a suitcase…

Here are just a few of the terrific new sets we’ve added:

And by the way, if you’re still looking to join a choir and want to impress them with your dulcet tones, we can help you find one too.



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