More Olympics books for kids

You liked the last list of Olympics-related books for children, so we’ve extended our Olympic Marathon to come up with some more – on a broader theme of games and sport, including several for younger readers. Try these:

The Dinosaur Games, by David BedfordThe Dinosaur Games, by David Bedford
Titus the T-Rex is ready for the Great Dinosaur Games. He may only be young, but he’s a tough lizard king and he’s out to win everything! Or so he thinks. He’s not built for hurdles and swimming isn’t easy when you’ve never learnt how. But with a meteor on its way to Earth, everything is set to change.

Paddington goes for gold, by Michael BondPaddington goes for gold, by Michael Bond
This picture book features Paddington, the classic bear from Darkest Peru, as he takes part in a local family sports event, with hilarious results!
How could he possibly know that it’s against the rules to store the relay baton under his hat for safekeeping?

Babar's Celesteville Games, by Laurent de BrunhoffBabar’s Celestville games, by Laurent De Brunhoff
Olympics-style games have come to Celesteville, and Babar’s children watch various animals compete. When an elephant pole vaulter from Mirza catches Flora’s eye, the games become a backdrop for their courtship. The athletic, romantic, and cross-cultural themes make this an unusual but satisfying addition to the beloved series.

Berlin Olympics: my story, by Vince CrossBerlin Olympics, by Vince Cross
In 1936, the Olympic Games took place in Nazi Germany, and London-born Eleanor Rhys Davies realised her dream when she was selected to represent Britain as a swimmer. But Berlin under Hitler could be a hostile place, and Eleanor witnessed murmurings that finally erupted into World War Two.

Asterix at the Olympic Games, by Rene GoscinnyAsterix at the Olympic Games, by Rene Goscinny
The famous Olympic Games are to be held in Athens – and Asterix, Obelix and their friends enter. The competition will be formidable but our heroes are determined they will find a way to win.
[Sorry Getafix- the magic potion counts as a banned substance!]

Summertime and somersaults, by Jane LawesSummertime and somersaults, by Jane Lawes
Tara loves doing cartwheels and handstands in her garden, spending every spare moment practising! But with so many other things to learn, like backflips and somersaults, Tara is desperate to join a gym club. When her mum finally relents, Tara signs up for a summer course at Silverdale Gymnastics Club.

Hooey Higgins goes for Gold, by Steve VoakeHooey Higgins goes for gold, by Steve Voake
Want to see Twig run really fast? Then get yourself a ticket to the Shrimpton-on-Sea Games. See Hooey hitting the high jump, Samantha wanging the welly, and Twig versus Basbo in the sprint. And what is Hooey, Will and Twig’s secret weapon? Cheese!

The Dinosaur Olympics, by Jeanne WillisDinosaur Olympics, by Jeanne Willis
When the Stegosaurus family, Mr and Mrs Stigson and their son Darwin throw a party for Uncle Loop’s 150th birthday, it is gate-crashed by Clint Beastwood, the gangster like T-Rex and his thuggish side kick Mr Cretaceous.



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