Olympians and Paralympians, past and present

The sixth, and possibly final (never say never!) post in our Olympic Marathon gives you a chance to look more closely at the people taking part. Look out for some of the current prospects in tonight’s Opening Ceremony!

9.58: Being the World's Fastest Man, by Usain BoltMy story – 9.58: Being the world’s fastest man, by Usain Bolt
At the 2008 Summer Olympic games in Beijing, Usain Bolt won gold in the 100m, the 200m and the 4 x 100m relay, becoming the first man to win three sprinting events in a single Olympics since Carl Lewis. He also became the first man to set world records in all three at a single Olympics.

The 100 greatest Olympians and ParalympiansThe 100 greatest Olympians and paralympians, by Nick Callow
This is a celebration of the cream of world sporting endeavour stretching back 112 years, from early superstars like Al Kraenzlein to headline makers of the 21st century like Usain Bolt, from Paralympic champions like Oscar Pistorius to the extraordinary Trischa Zorn.

Coming up for air, by Tom DaleyComing up for air: my story, by Tom Daley
Tom Daley had hearts in mouths when he dived at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, where he won two gold medals. In this title, Tom offers unprecedented access to the pressures, challenges and experiences of a world-class Olympian also dealing with heartbreak in his family life due to the illness and death of his father in 2011.

The Fastest Men on Earth, by Neil DuncansonThe fastest men on Earth: the story of the men’s 100 metres Olympic champions, by Neil Duncanson
This title presents the story behind the men’s 100 metre champions, the fastest men on Earth. It discusses not only the race itself, but also the preliminary rounds, dramas and controversies.

Black, white and gold, by Kelly HolmesBlack, white & gold: My autobiography, by Kelly Holmes 
From the running track to the red carpet, Kelly’s world has been turned upside down, but in this, her revealing story, we see why she will always keep her head on her shoulders and her feet on the ground.

Blade Runner, by Oscar PistoriusBlade runner, by Oscar Pistorius
At 11 months old, Oscar Pistorius had both his legs amputated below the knee. ‘Blade Runner’ charts the extraordinary development of one of the most gifted sportsmen and inspirational figures on the planet from immobilised child to world-class sprinter.

Barefoot Runner, by Paul RambaliBarefoot runner: the life of marathon champion Abeke Bikila, by Paul Rambali
Abebe Bikila was the first black African to win an Olympic gold medal. He won the marathon running barefoot in Rome in 1960 and won again wearing shoes in Tokyo four years later, becoming the first person to win the most gruelling of all human contests twice.

Jamaican athletics, by Patrick RobinsonJamaican athletics: a model for 2012 and the world, by Patrick Robinson
Looking at Jamaica’s high quality performances in global athletics over the past 60 years, an achievement wholly disproportionate to Jamaica’s size and resources. Patrick Robinson seeks to isolate the environment in which this athletic excellence thrives.

A life without limits, by Chrissie WellingtonA life without limits, by Chrissie Wellington
Chrissie Wellington is the world’s best female Ironman triathlete, the current triple World Champion and World Record holder. In 2009 she was voted Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year and in 2010 was awarded the MBE. This book tells her story.

Survivor, by Fatima WhitbreadSurvivor, by Fatima Whitbread
Fatima competed in 3 Olympics, winning bronze in 1984. In 1986 she set a world record, and the following year became World Champion. After the cheering stopped, she faced prejudice, penury, scandal and heartbreak. ‘Survivor’ describes how she defeated all her demons to rise from the ashes once again, this time as queen of the jungle.

The greatest British OlympiansGreatest British Olympians, by Neil Wilson
A celebration of Team GB’s outstanding atheletes, past and present, this title presents an illustrated celebration of Britain’s greatest Olympians, who took their sports to new levels of excitement and achievement. What better time to celebrate more than 50 of the best-ever British Olympic athletes?

Paralympic heroes, by Cathy WoodParalympic heroes, by Cathy Wood
Across a broad spectrum of Paralympian sport, British athletes have excelled, winning 42 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics and a second-place finish in the medals table. This book tells the story of Great Britain’s Paralympian heroes. It examines and celebrates the lives and achievements of British sportsmen and women.



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