In your own time

Learn online with Learning NexusThe other day, I was explaining the advantages of Learning Nexus to a lady who could use a computer at a basic level, but needed a bit more training in word processing.

I first thought of Marylebone’s own training session on Word (Tuesday 17 July, 10.00am) – we always boast that you will learn almost as much in two hours as other courses teach in a term!

But the lady I was talking to needed a few of Word’s specialist features (columns, tables… stuff like that), so that she could help with her parish newsletter. And she only had penny parcels of time available, to fit in with part-time work and family commitments. So Learning Nexus was the obvious next step, because it remembers.

You have a personal login for Learning Nexus, which enables it to remember where you got to last time. This is ideal if you are busy or, like me, hard of remembering. My lady (I hope she won’t object to that description – no proprietorial claims intended) will be able to find out which version of Word they use to compose the church mag, and mug up on that particular version.

As well as the Microsoft Office “family” (Word, Access, Excel and so on), Learning Nexus has lots of other IT courses, and lots more on business subjects. This is just one of the many online resources which Westminster Libraries subscribe to for the benefit of library members.



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