Ne’er cast a clout ’til Mayfair’s out*

It might be raining but as it is still officially ‘The Summer’ Mayfair Library is getting out and about with two community events in their (very) local park – the lovely Mount Street Gardens, South Audley Street.

Where the Shadows Lie, by Michael RidpathOn 25 June crime author Michael Ridpath will be signing books at the Mayfair Residents Summer Party (more info and tickets). His latest book Where the Shadows Lie has very good reviews and we have several copies in stock. There will be a chance to chat to him over canapés and champagne and as he is also an ex bond trader and used to write financial thrillers he should have some interesting insights into the economy too.

Summer's Dream, by Cathy CassidyThe second event – a traditional summer fair – is the first time the Library, Farm Street Church, Grosvenor Chapel and St Georges Primary School have got together to organise a joint event. The children’s author, the fabulous Cathy Cassidy (nicknamed the TeenQueen) will be talking about her latest book Chocolate Box Girls: Summer’s Dream and signing books on Sunday 8 July, 12 noon-5.00pm. She’ll be running a competition and making friendship bracelets so come along and meet the best selling author of Dizzy, Indigo Blue and Angel Cake, and join in the fun of the fair.

We’re crossing our fingers for clout-casting weather and look forward to seeing you there!


* Wondering what the title’s about? Ne’er cast a clout ’til May is out.


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