A Right Royal Party

When We Were Very Young, by A A MilneThe bunting was up in Westminster Music Library last week for a fun packed evening of musical entertainment in honour of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
Our house pianist soon got everyone singing along to some truly British tunes; included amongst our perennial favourites, a few verses from Christopher Robin’s visit to Buckingham Palace with Alice, courtesy of one A.A. Milne.

No party would be complete without a quiz, and in honour of Her Majesty, ours took as its theme all manner of things that happened during the ‘50s. Of course we had to throw in a music round, but oh dear, our contestants were not so hot on 1950’s music and should really have checked our shelves first…

When did little Suzie finally wake up?
What was The Big Bopper’s real name?

According to our participants poor Suzie seemed to have woken up on the hour every hour, and The Big Bopper… ? The artist formerly known as Chuck Berry?

Jubilee Party at Westminster Music Library, June 2012

Fortunately they redeemed themselves with the history round, so we got our winning team. Finally, we raised our glasses, gave a toast to Her Royal Highness, and sang the National Anthem. A very happy Diamond Jubilee from all of us at Westminster Music Library.


Little Suzie woke up at 4.00 o’clock and The Big Bopper’s real name was Jiles P. Richardson, but of course you knew that already….[ed.]


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