Desert Island tracks

Naxos Music has just broken the million-tracks barrier!

Naxos Music Library from Westminster LibrariesOh, all right, it’s not really a barrier, but it is a pretty remarkable milestone for this valuable resource (available free with your  Westminster Libraries membership card). Having started out by making all the music on Naxos’ own discs available to stream online, NML has since teamed up with dozens of other record labels – recent “biggies” include EMI and Virgin Classics – to reach the staggering total of nearly 70,000 discs-worth of music.

Silly calculation time: if each disc lasts an hour (a conservative estimate), that is a tad under eight years of continual listening. So if Kirsty offered Westminster library cards with access to NML instead of a mere eight discs to her castaways, each programme would last for years, and she’d probably have a queue of would-be victims!



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