Discovering your talents in Adult Learners’ Week

Sketch of George Ritchie by an adult learner attending a session at St John's Wood LibraryA large group of customers at St. John’s Wood Library got creative at our Art Class Taster Session in Life Drawing, an event co-organised by WAES as part of Adult Learners’ Week, and opened by Councillor Hampson.

Adult Learners’ Week is an annual celebration emphasising the importance of lifelong learning, and this year we decided to arrange something to give people the chance to explore their creative skills.

WAES provided the drawing materials and a tutor, Rupert Record, who is both a professional artist and teacher. He was very impressed by the progression shown in the participants’ work on the day, especially as some people were completely new to drawing.

George Ritchie - life model in St John's Wood Library for Adult Learners' WeekOur life model was George Ritchie, a loyal customer and professional model who gave his time to help out his local library! He made everyone feel at ease, chatting to the artists during the breaks and helping make the atmosphere warm and supportive. It’s not the first time George has given his time for a worthy cause – he’s also a fundraiser for meningitis.

We had excellent feedback from the event, from the tutor, model and participants. The picture at the top shows a sketch of George done by someone who discovered her talent for drawing at the session… She’s planning to join an art class very soon!

Art class in St John's Wood Library for Adult Learners' Week



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