I could be Nancy…

Oliver Twist sing-along at Westminster Music LibraryIt’s the year for everything Dickensian, and Westminster Music Library is no exception. How could we not celebrate the life and works of our literary superstar, particularly as we have a rich seam of musical adaptations and interpretations to draw upon?

But just who were those characters entertaining a whole bunch of children from St Peter’s School?

A little bit of a Twist on Oliver and tad-dah! Lawks a-mercy it’s Nancy and The Artful Dodger.

After a brief warm up with our ever reliable pianist, we soon got everybody singing along to “Food glorious food”, “Consider yourself”, and a host of other memorable numbers from Oliver. We threw in some interesting facts and figures about the man himself and then quizzed them to make sure they’d being paying attention.

Where was he born? How many children did he have? Who was the famous pickpocket and all-round tea leaf in Oliver Twist?

Let’s hope we haven’t encouraged any of our young charges to turn to a life of pick-pocketing crime, and how am I ever going to live down wearing that frock?


Take a look at our previous posts about Dickens and all the festivities taking place this year. It’s coming up to April – the month for reading Oliver Twist – and we have copies to give away to the first five people who post a review of a book (any book) on our library catalogue. It’s easy!


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