A bumper batch of new non-fiction

A selection of titles that are new in Westminster Libraries this month.


Hitler, by A N WilsonHitler, by A N Wilson
A N Wilson has previously written about Hitler in ‘Winnie and Wolf’ – his relationship with Winifred Wagner, daughter-in-law of the composer Richard Wagner. Now he returns to the life of the Fuhrer.

Also look out for Where have I gone? by Pauline Quirke, Greta Garbo by David BretSomeone like Adele by Carole SandersonAlways by my Side by Christina Schmid, and Relish by Prue Leith.                        

Tales of a midwife, by Maria AndersonFollowing the TV success of ‘Call the midwife’ comes Tales of a midwife by Maria Anderson. Maria trained as an NHS nurse and went on to become a midwife, a job she has adored for over 20 years. After fainting whilst attending her first three births, Maria went from nervous trainee to assured midwife and in her brilliant memoir she recounts the highs and lows of life inside the maternity unit.

Healthy body…

Health Revolution for Men, by Charles ClarkHealth revolution for men, by Charles V Clark
Charles Clark tackles the health of the middle-aged man – a large proportion of his patient base. Based on his many years of experience in this area, Clark’s hugely successful method addresses the key psychological and physical issues in a way that works for men.

Healthy mind…

Happiness, by Anthony SeldonHappiness, by Anthony Seldon       
Launched in April 2011, the Action for Happiness Campaign aims to promote the social wellbeing of individuals, communities and by, extension, a nation. This book sets out the case for focusing on happiness in society – personally and as a wider goal of social policy and the school curriculum, rather than as a mere produce of GDP.

Business books

Tackling interview questions in a week by Mo Shapiro, Successful job hunting in a week by Catt Hilton, Collins effective business communication by Bob Dignen, Ultimate interview by Lynn WilliamsStart your business in 7 days by James Caan, Start your business week by week by Steve Parks and

Be Bulletproof, by James BrookeBe bulletproof, by James Brooke
However hard you work, you’re bound to find yourself under attack at times in your work life. Every single knock, knock-back, rejection and criticism has the potential to decrease your confidence and can set you back on your path to success. James and Simon Brooke reveal the top solutions for strengthening your resilience.


You may remember Ben Macintyre for the book and tv programme ‘Operation Mincemeat’. He’s back:

Double Cross, by Ben MacintyreDouble Cross, by Ben Macintyre
D-Day, 6 June 1944, the turning point of the Second World War, was a victory of arms. But it was also a triumph for a different kind of operation: one of deceit, aimed at convincing the Nazis that Calais and Norway, not Normandy, were the targets of the 150,000-strong invasion force. The deception involved every branch of Allied wartime intelligence – the Bletchley Park code-breakers, MI5, MI6, SOE, Scientific Intelligence, the FBI and the French Resistance. But at its heart was the ‘Double Cross System’, a team of double agents controlled by the secret Twenty Committee, so named because twenty in Roman numerals forms a double cross.

Meanwhile, London was under threat…

Target London, by Christopher CampbellTarget London, by Christopher Campbell
During the Second World War, the Allies listened intently to the messages of the enemy. Every whisper built a picture of the threat to come, and the weapons used were terrifying in their murderous capabilities. ‘Target London’ recalls the inception of the German V-weapons and the Allies’ race to discover the truth about them.

But after the war…

You've never had it so good, by Stephen KellyYou’ve never had it so good, by Stephen F Kelly
This title features first-hand stories of what life was really like during the austerity years after the Second World War. The book touches on major events such as the Coronation, the early years of the National Health Service, seaside holidays, and the arrival of rock ‘n’ roll

The Cold War has ended, the Iron Curtain and communism have collapsed, but is the new Russia all rosy?

The man without a face, by Masha GessenThe man without a face, by Masha Gessen 
Since coming to power in 1999, Vladimir Putin has ruthlessly seized control of media, exiled or killed political rivals, and dismantled Russia’s fragile electoral system. Masha Gessen courageously returned to Moscow to report on Putin’s alarming ascent, tracking down sources who dared speak to no one else.

Food and drink

The Hairy Bikers' BakationThe Hairy Bikers’ Big Book of Baking, by Dave Myers 
With their irrepressible enthusiasm for great food, Si King and Dave Myers – better known as the Hairy Bikers – travel the length and breadth of Europe to discover the best baking recipes from the continent. From Norway to Spain, the boys eat their way across ten countries, making friends and swapping recipes along the way.

The Biggest Loser Cookbook, by Kate SantonThe biggest loser cookbook, by Kate Santon
‘The Biggest Loser Cookbook’ presents over 100 recipes and ideas for calorie-counted meals that help you lose weight fast, safely and sustainably. 

Finally, art on (or off) the wall

Seven years with Banksy by Robert Clarke, and Banksy by Will Ellsworth-Jones.     



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