Happy Birthday, Mr Dickens

Cityread London - get involvedIf you’ve watched the news, listened to the radio or seen a newspaper in the last few days, it cannot have escaped your notice that today, 7 February, is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens.

Today is the anniversary, but there’s a year’s worth of events and activities lined up – from memorial services and readings today, a worldwide readathon, exhibitions and articles, to the focus of our celebrations in London libraries:  CityRead London in April, when we hope to encourage as many people as possible to read the same  book: Oliver Twist.

Dickens display at Paddington LibraryThere will be displays and events galore in Westminster, for both adults and children.

The first of these is at the City of Westminster Archives Centre, home to a host of unique and fascinating material on the London of Charles Dickens.

On 25 February there will be two talks and a guided walk on the theme of ‘Dickens, Death and Disease in Victorian Westminster’. Dr Ruth Richardson’s work has been mentioned on this blog before (A ‘Twist’ in the Tale), and has featured on the BBC News and in the newspapers in recent weeks. The event is free, but tickets are going fast, so book your place quickly!

If you fancy exercising your brain, and winning yourself a prize into the bargain, why not give this Dickens Quiz from the Oxford University Press a try? There are versions for both adults and children, and the answers can be found by using Oxford’s online resources – to which you can have free access with your Westminster Libraries membership card.


5 responses to “Happy Birthday, Mr Dickens

  1. Love the idea of the Oliver Twist-athon. Will follow the events with interest. And, yes, happy birthday Mr D.


  2. You can find more links here: https://wcclibraries.wordpress.com/2011/12/02/consider-yourself-included/
    And of course, you can now leave your reviews on the library catalogue too 🙂


  3. And check out the Cityread Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/cityreadlondon. The first ever Cityread London is shaping up to be massive – join us there to be part of it.


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