The Queen

Sixty Glorious Years, by Victoria MurphyIt’s a big year for the Queen, and today marks the 60th anniversary of her succession to the throne in 1952. As you might expect, it’s a big year for Royal books too – so here’s a selection of titles you’ll be able to find in Westminster Libraries, published to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee:

60 Glorious years: Queen Elizabeth II, by Victoria Murphy
With rarely seen pictures, this title offers a look at the life and work of the woman who looks set to become Britain’s longest surviving sovereign.

Elizabeth the Queen, by Sally BedellElizabeth the Queen: the woman behind the throne, by Sally Bedell
As we celebrate her diamond jubilee, this biography of Queen Elizabeth II provides a look at one of the most fascinating, enigmatic and admired women in the world. With exclusive access to the Queen’s personal letters, close friends and associates, this intimate biography is a treasure trove of fresh insights into the Queen’s life.

Our Queen, by Robert HardmanOur Queen, by Robert Hardman
As she reaches a defining moment of her reign – her diamond jubilee – Robert Hardman explores the secrets of Queen Elizabeth II’s success to produce a fascinating new portrait of a sovereign who has witnessed more change than any since the creation of Great Britain.

Not in front of the corgis, by Brian HoeyNot in front of the corgis: Secrets of life behind the Royal curtains, by Brian Hoey
In ‘Not in Front of the Corgis’, Brian Hoey peeks behind the curtains to tell us what the Royal Family really get up to in their spare time. Asking what the Queen watches on TV, why does she not have a driving license, and answering thousands of questions about the family, this book contains everything you wanted to know about the Royals.

A Brief Life of the Queen, by Robert LaceyA brief life of the Queen, by Robert Lacey
‘The Queen’ is a succinct and intimate biography of Elizabeth II, who has managed to remain enigmatic yet is the most recognised woman in the world. For more than 30 years, Robert Lacey has been gathering material from members of the Queen’s inner circle, and the results are distilled here.

The Diamond Queen, by Andrew MarrThe Diamond Queen: Elizabeth II and her people, by Andrew Marr
With the flair for narrative and the meticulous research that readers have come to expect, Andrew Marr turns his attention to the monarch – and to the monarchy, chronicling the Queen’s pivotal role at the centre of the state, which is largely hidden from the public gaze, and making a strong case for the institution itself.

The Private Life of Elizabeth II, by Mike PatersonThe private life of Elizabeth II, by Mike Paterson
Elizabeth II is within a few years of becoming the longest-reigning British monarch. Examining the places in which she grew up or has lived, the training she recieved and her attitudes to significant events in national life, this book presents a fresh view of one of recent history’s most important figures.

Queen Elizabeth, by Sarah BradfordQueen Elizabeth: her life in our times, by Sarah Bradford
From the best-selling author of ‘George VI’, ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Diana’, the definitive biography of Queen Elizabeth II, published to tie in with the Diamond Jubilee.

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