Yuletide carols being sung by a choir…

All you ever wanted to know about Westminster Music Library – with Christmas carols and a whole lot more.

Christmas Open Evening at Westminster Music Library

It’s that time of year again when we open our doors for another evening of guided tours, talks and tinsel. Over 40 people from the very young to the not so junior trotted upstairs to see what it is we get up to in the Music Library. Some thought we were just about books, others that we music people spoke some sort of strange language, and then there were those who didn’t even know we had an “upstairs”, never mind a “downstairs” full of hidden treasures.

All was revealed, including the mysteries of composition in the digital age with a demonstration of our latest computer wizardry.  Budding composers need look no further, and when you’ve completed your magnum opus with the aid of the very latest technology, book an hour on our digital piano and play to your heart’s content.

Not forgetting our glorious and colourful history unveiled by our guides and illustrated by a selection of goodies from our dusty vaults.

No Christmas gathering would be complete without carols, so sing them we did, ably assisted by our resident pianist who (once again) refused to don the Santa suit (Next year…there’s always next year…) but did settle for the hat. And don’t forget the mince pies and the wine, the bad cracker jokes and hilarious anecdotes from school nativity plays.

But be sure to keep the noise down on the way out, this is a library after all, and we librarians do insist on silence, honest…

Here’s a few words from some of the people who came:

“I’ve really enjoyed tonight, thanks for all the lovely entertainment.”
“It’s fantastic what you do here, having the piano is a stroke of genius!”
“What a great way to start Christmas, I’m really in the mood now.”
“I’d no idea you had so much great stuff, so glad I came tonight.”
“You’ve worked so hard, thank you for a really interesting and entertaining evening.”



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