Health and play

Cats made at a 'Health & Play' event in Paddington Children's LibraryPaddington Children’s Library recently held the first of a series of ‘Health and Play’ events, in Partnership with the NHS Health Improvement team and Westminster Adult Education Service Family Learning. The theme was physical activity: Siobhan from the Health Improvement team talked about the importance of physical activity for all ages in tackling obesity.

Another part of the event was led by Micky Garvey, Head of Family Learning, who enthused 24 children and 19 parents – in her words “they just kept coming”. The families made a cat puppet and Micky made us all laugh with her cat meows and getting us all to stretch like a cat.

There are two more Health & Play Events planned. The next is a Family Yoga Hour  with a practitioner from the British Wheel of Yoga at 2.30pm on 10 December as part of the upcoming Paddington Library Family Fun Day.



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