e-resource of the week: Keynote

MarketAs any business advisor or successful entrepreneur will tell you, businesses begin well and then thrive on market research. In the manner of a detective or indeed spy, gathering intelligence on markets and industries is essential to ensure sustainability and spot new opportunities and trends.

Such intelligence can indeed make or break a business. With Keynote, you have access to a huge range of market reports providing key information that will impress those reading your business plan or considering investing in your business idea or company.

Keynote claims to be easy to use and it does not lie. The overall presentation and search facility is excellent, tailored  to the researchers perspective in a way that makes it very popular with those new to researching markets and more seasoned researchers.

Whatever market you are interested in, be it toys, tyres, teenage magazines, toiletries, textiles or the timber trade, Keynote will provide a detailed assessment of the current situation including market size, background, competitor analysis, sector leaders, buying behaviour & trends, forecasts and more – all fodder for your business plan and future business strategy. Focusing on the UK markets, each report very usefully includes an international or global market perspective.

Niche industries that often fall outside the radar of other market intelligence providers are also covered, a real bonus for those needing information on the art & antiques market, media sponsorship, public relations, childcare or contact centre industries to name but a few.

Looking for inspiration? Casting your eyes over current market trends could spark a new business idea or indeed, nudge you to change it altogether. Why not? Markets, like ideas, are fluid and subject to rapid change in light of new information – with Keynote you can keep up-to-date with all the market issues that could affect your business, product or service.

Keynote have recently enhanced their comprehensive market research provision to include detailed company information on over 7 million UK companies, including  company overviews, information on directors, shareholders, financials and more, making it a very useful one-stop-shop for business information. One of our In-House Specials and available at all Business Information Points why not visit your local BIP and explore Keynote for yourself? It’s pitched perfectly to impress.



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