How many children???!!!!

Westminster Music Library gave a warm welcome back to twenty young violinists from London Music Master’s ‘Bridge to the Community’ Project on Monday. They gave another successful performance of their favourite tunes in this special concert for a very appreciative audience of children from St Vincent de Paul, a local Primary school.

The 'Bridge to the Community' Project visits Westminster Music Library

As the venue was the biggest and the best Music Library in the world (probably…), we couldn’t let the children get away without quizzing them on some of our best loved and most famous composers:

  • Who had twenty children and called five of them Johann and two of them Johanna?
  • Which composer wrote his first piece of music when he was just five years old?
  • Who spoke very loudly and wore long curly wigs?
  • Who went deaf?
  • Who went to prison?

Our young performers have been learning the violin for just over a year and are already real stars, so move over all twenty of J.S. Bach’s children, and make way for The Bridge violinists.

The Bridge Project is an educational initiative which identifies and nurtures young children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn to play musical instruments at a high level. The project encourages children, their families and their communities to develop a life-long appreciation for classical music in all its varied forms. The project aims to reach out to children from broader communities, preparing them to participate and succeed in the world of classical music. And clearly they’re enjoying themselves while they’re learning!



One response to “How many children???!!!!

  1. From which two obvious lessons flow. First, the national music plan needs to do justice to the huge, diverse, enthusiastic talent of Britain’s young people . Second – and I’ve said it often, but it needs repeating now just as much as ever – more needs to be done to promote the brilliance of our youth musicians in this country. I’ve had enough of hearing about how marvellous Venezuelan, Brazilian, or wherever else’s young musicians are. We have enough musical talent and visionary community and music education projects to fill any venue up and down the country, night in, night out, and it’s these individuals who deserve the exposure the Simón Bolívar , Teresa Carreño or whichever other international youth orchestra or ensemble gets instead at the moment.


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