In the money with Euromoney [e-resource of the week]

EuromoneyWhether you are fortunate enough to have to manage your considerable financial liquidity, or are merely researching into the many ups and downs of the global economy, Euromoney is a very good place to start.

Perhaps your business is investment or even banking? Then you must already know this monthly journal is definitely for you. Now over 40 years old, it continues to cover the rollercoaster ride that is international finance and global markets.

The hard copy publication, available at Westminster Reference Library, is complemented by a detailed and full online archive back to 1996 – including news, comments, analysis, rankings, reports, quarterly league tables broken down by industry and much more.

You will also find Euromoney’s benchmark surveys and awards, including the prestigious Private Banking Awards and Awards for Excellence essential reading if you are bravely seeking to work in this somewhat beleaguered industry. Even a quick glance at Euromoney will make you fluid in finance speak and give you an insight into the precarious, some would say exciting world, of the finance industry.

So why not begin your journey by investing your time in a visit to the Business Information Point at Westminster Reference Library – get access to Euromoney and more!

[Westminster Reference Library]


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