Ich parlez vous un poco… (insert language of choice)

Learning NexusIt can be pretty challenging to learn a new language (or brush up on one you already know).
People often come to libraries looking to pick up language courses and resources and now we have added another way to study: online language learning with Learning Nexus.

All you need to access them is the internet and a Westminster library card*. There’s a choice of 9 languages to choose from and it’s only £5 per language for 12 weeks. You can set your own pace and each course should take around 25 hours to complete.

Languages available:  French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Swedish and Welsh.

So, if you’re interested, pop into your local Westminster library and sign up today.


* they aren’t free – but hey, at least they’re cheap!


One response to “Ich parlez vous un poco… (insert language of choice)

  1. Brilliant, thank you for letting us know.


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