e-resource of the week: Naxos Music Library

Naxos Music LibraryAbout Naxos Music Library is a real nuisance, trying too hard to please and ignoring the work they put on to others.

Let me explain. One of my jobs is to check Westminster Libraries’ web pages, making sure that the facts and figures are up-to-date. In the case of Naxos, mentions on our pages include a total disc count. But I struggle to keep up with them, as they are always changing the number.

No cuts of course – this is not doom-laden deficit reduction. No, the number moves relentlessly upwards. When we first subscribed the count was, I seem to remember, a tad over 20,000. When I last blogged about it, it was 48,000 (see Free Food of Love). The last time I updated the web pages, it was at 57,000+, and when I looked again it was 61,000+. And I know it will go on like that, as they are busy loading a huge number of albums from EMI and Virgin Classics.

So as well as having every album in Naxos’s own catalogue available to listen to online at any time, and as well as the dozens of other labels which have joined in over the last few years, now they are now adding two of the biggest and best labels in the world of classical music – all free.

I grant you, this is very good news for library members. But have they no thoughts of me? Honestly!



One response to “e-resource of the week: Naxos Music Library

  1. Very cool, I’m a huge music fan.


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