Casting a Shadow

Film auditions at Westminster Reference LibraryA small independent production company, Shadow Industry, recently used Westminster Reference Library to audition actors for their very first feature film, aptly named ‘Shadow Industry’ and based on Peter Carey’s short story of the same – well close enough – name (his story is called The Shadow Industry).

Eleven women auditioned for the leading female role of Fey, who acted a scene with Ian, the other main character in the film/story. Marie Favre, Teddy Devitt, Usman Akram and Christian Vought-Harrison led each audition with charm and professionalism. The scene was tested with the actors standing, then sitting down. There was plenty of discussion on the parts and how they should be played, on tension and control in the scene and on how the dialogue should be structured.

Film auditions at Westminster Reference LibraryMost of the film will be shot in Jan/Feb 2012, all of it in London with the exception of one scene on the coast – probably Brighton – and a few scenes being shot before Christmas 2011.

The production team was delighted with the library setting – after all the film is based on a book, so what’s not to like? A link to Usman’s (Ian) Youtube trailer will be available shortly.



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