How to get the most out of LinkedIn

Chris CarterMore than 40 people attended this recent event at Westminster Reference Library, a strong indicator of the increased interest in Social Media for Business.

This seminar was aimed at those still unsure of the benefits and those that may have been registered for some time but still unclear about how to make it work for them.

The presentation covered a good number of LinkedIn applications and for each one Chris Carter demonstrated how this growing networking tool can best contribute to finding a job and expanding your social network with very little effort.

Judging from the participants’ various questions and reactions the presentation was very relevant. Chris succeeded in bringing some clarity, structure and fun into this successful business tool, so much so that we had to gently nudge the audience away as the event overran by more than an hour (and just in case you wondered – no, no wine was served!).

Here are a few of the comments:

“I now feel equipped to take my LinkedIn network and profile to a stage of active professional use, rather than just an address book.”

“Very thorough, [Chris] explained each section in detail.”

“Thank you for the event, very enlightening.”

“I now have an action plan of at least 15 ways to improve how I use LinkedIn.”

“Good presentation, excellent tips given.”

“Useful information, especially to promote my business.”

“Good, [Chris] knows her stuff and the screen demos were very useful.”

You can find out about future Business events at Westminster Reference Library, Pimlico Library, Paddington Library and Church Street Library by liking the Westminster BIPs Facebook page, or following @WCCLibraries on Twitter.



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