Romance is not dead

Mills & Boon titles in Westminster LibrariesThe Mills & Boon writing workshop at Mayfair Library was well attended by fifteen women (one man made a hasty exit after five minutes!), and there was a buzz in the room as the trials and tribulations of love between alpha male heroes and feisty female characters were dissected and analysed.

The group was made up of aspiring writers, some with books already started, and the tips given by author Heidi Rice for the potential Mills & Boon New Voices included:

  • make sure you have a central conflict between the two characters
  • don’t confuse the plot with other minor characters
  • target your writing to one of the many M&B series
  • do your research properly
  • don’t patronise your readers
  • don’t include children in the plot or if you do make sure they don’t feature too strongly
  • watch your morals – one night stands are ok but cheating on your fiancé is not acceptable

The comments afterwards from those attending were

‘very interesting’
‘very useful and I really enjoyed it’
‘I have got the confidence now to submit my first few chapters’

The deadline to upload the first chapters of your romantic novel onto the website for the Mills & Boon New Voices competition is 10 October.



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